The Bread & Butter Game Co. is an independent game studio based out of Austin, TX.

We strive to create thoughtful and fun games for everyone to enjoy.

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Polaroid photo of All Hams on Deck!
Polaroid photo of Shreddin' Metal
Colin McInerney

Colin is a designer/programmer specializing in game systems, writing, and occasionally playing drums. Originally from Washington, DC, he can often be found complaining about Texas while exercising his right to vote for congressional representatives.

Lars Olson

Lars is a UI/UX wunderkind, who dropped out of college after his Freshman year in favor of shipping a mobile game by himself. Originally hailing from Wisconsin, Lars has strong opinions about cheese, but has even stronger opinions about pineapple on pizza (yes).

Aislynn Kilgore

Aislynn is a multi-faceted artist, working primarily in VFX and animation. When she's not taking care of her cats, she can be found drinking tea or selling apples at a farmers' market. She is an Austin, Texas native.